Have you longed for a community of people with whom you could share some of your deeper questions, musings, aspirations, and reflections around your own personal and spiritual growth? 

It has long been a desire of mine. After all, I certainly have wandered around a fair bit of the earth, both technically and virtually, having had the privilege to study, interact and engage with many philosophical, spiritual, and psychological traditions, practices, and ways of being.

In recent years, as the topic of conscious aging began driving me deeper and wider, I looked around for such a virtual community. Alas, finding none, I decided to open up one on my own!
This I have now done, initially as a community run in Hebrew, to facilitate people interested in the subject in Israel. However, over time it has become intertwined with those writing and sharing in English, so….come on in and see for yourself. We would love to hear from you about what inspires, motivates, and drives you around the topic of harvesting your wisdom and seeing aging as an opportunity.

Facebook group name (Hebrew name): "Harvesting with Joy: Cultivating Meaning after Age 50", please see this link: