Harvesting Your Wisdom: Registration open for New Workshop beginning January 12, 2021

Ronnie Dunetz

Senior life coach, facilitator, Certified Sage-ing Leader Intern

Following two full months with 7 initial workshops in Sage-ing concepts during November- December of 2020, all of which have been warmly and enthusiastically received (see "What participants are saying" below), I have decided to launch a new series of 4 workshop events on new topics to begin January 12, 2021- to bring in the new year in a wise, reflective and empowering way! Registration is open and space is limited…For details and registration: rjd361959@gmail.com

For Whom?

This new workshop series, "Harvesting Wisdom" is a series that is geared both to people who have already experienced the power of Sage-ing as a "looking within/reflecting" process in cultivating our wisdom with our years, as well as for people who are new to "Sage-ing" who wish to embark on a journey to grow in wisdom and discover new possibilities for our wisdom with aging years. Welcome!


We will meet for 4 sessions of 2.5 hours on topics which will call out your insight, motivation and inspiration at seeing the opportunities that present themselves at this time of our lives. All the more needed at this difficult pandemic time, which has affected us all over the world. Workshop meeting dates: (Please note your local time).

  • Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 16:30- 19:00, Israel time (UTC/GMT +2 hours)- (9:30 AM- 12:00 noon, ET) -"Gratitude as a key to the cultivation of wisdom"

  • Tuesday, January 19, 2021, 16:30- 19:00, Israel time (UTC/GMT +2 hours)- (9:30 AM- 12:00 noon, ET)- "Self-Compassion: breaking down barriers to wisdom within us"

  • Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 16:30- 19:00, Israel time (UTC/GMT +2 hours)- (9:30 AM- 12:00 noon, ET)" Advanced Life Review: learning from your past to benefit your future"

  • Tuesday, February 9, 2021, 16:30- 19:00, Israel time (UTC/GMT +2 hours)- (9:30 AM- 12:00 noon, ET)-"What about that Bucket List? Vision, dreams and action wherever we are"

(Please note that we are skipping a week between sessions 3 and 4 due to my unavailability).

Group Size

The program will open with a minimum registration of 8 participants, maximum will be 20. Please register soon to save your place!


Session 1- "Gratitude as a key to cultivation of wisdom"- January 12, 2021

· The psychology and "magic" of gratitude

· The link between gratitude and happiness

· Gratitude in the second half of life

· Looking within: where is my deepest gratitude?

· Gratitude "tools for the road"

Session 2- "Self-Compassion: breaking down barriers to wisdom within us"- January 19, 2021

· What is self-compassion? Do you have it? Test your self-compassion…

· Freeing ourselves from the "critic within"

· The psychology and spirituality of self-compassion

· Self-compassion and cultivation of wisdom with age

· Self-compassion "tools for the road"

Session 3- " Advanced Life Review: learning from your past to benefit your future"- January 26, 2021

· Revisiting Rabbi Zalman Schachter Shalomi's " 7 year cycle of life" exercise- we will expand on a number of periods in our lives and identify "our lessons" through time. We will share and "brainstorm together” around different turning points and events in our lives.

· Are you learning from the past for the future? Sharing exercise.

· Which periods of your life are you most proud of? Which ones were most challenging? Who were YOU at those times…how are you different today?

· Compiling our "wisdom statements" based on our life review work

· "Wisdom storytelling tools for the road"

Session 4- " What about that Bucket List? Vision, dreams and action wherever we are"- February 9, 2021

· What is a "bucket list" and what do you have in it?

· Our paradigms, stereotypes and limiting beliefs at this time of our lives

· How do you manage your time at this stage of life? Exercise and sharing.

· What changes are you looking to make regarding what you have found, recorded and shared?

· 3-5 "Action Tools" for visioning and planning our next stage ahead


These workshops will be offered under a "Dana" framework.

You may or may not be familiar with this concept which comes from the Asian Buddhist tradition and has been integrated in many places in the West. Dana is an ancient Pali word that means generosity of heart, or the process of cultivating generosity or giving. In "Dana", no set price is asked for, and participants are asked to give from their hearts, according to their ability and desire. This was the way Asian monasteries and monks were supported, the "exchange" being that of mutual reciprocity and gift-giving, so much a part of Asian culture. In the West, this concept is still not fully understood by all but the general spirit is something I think we can all identify with.

I would like to be able to offer these workshops to people regardless of one's financial situation, thus, I would like to experiment with this manner of offering the following workshops. Please consider this as an honest and open offer to you!

Oftentimes people are uncomfortable because they do not have any frame of reference for this. Thus, I would add that if I were to offer these programs on the free market, I would offer the series of 4 workshops for a price of $100- 200. Please use this just as a reference, your payment in the spirit of Dana will be what you decide it will be and whatever you will offer will be heartfully appreciated.

Since we have no "virtual" "Dana Bowl", payment will need to be by Paypal or by Bit/bank transfer in Israel- details upon registration- thank-you!

What have participants said about their experiences in previous workshops?

I would like to just mention short snippets from the abundant feedback I have received, it has all strengthened me in understanding just how important and special this work is for people who are longing to reflect, discuss, deepen and grow in the Second Half of Life. I have gathered some comments per topic of feedback:

* International/Cross-cultural

"I love to be in international, multicultural groups and this was fantastic…"

"It's interesting to see how other people around the world are facing the third part of their lives…I like the most speaking in the break out rooms to other people from different countries who are in a similar situation/age with similar (or totally different ) experiences as myself…"

"The idea of inviting for the program people with the different cultural and religious background is brilliant. It allowed learning how people look at the same thing from a different perspective based on their culture, religion and personal experience."

* Content: goes deep, moves, reflects, challenges, inspires

"The work forced me to think about situations in my life, to think deeply about, to get more conscious about my own thinking and emotions…"

"Well it was so interesting and stimulating my mind and imagination…

I want more… more time…"

"What we discussed was always touching and moving to our souls…"

* Methodology/Facilitation

"The way you organized it, your manner, the way it flowed, your positive and encouraging attitude, your helpfulness, really made the experience special…"

"I had the impression every participant was interested in speaking and understanding the other…"

"Talking about significant events in my life and the meaning they had…"

"I particularly like the use of writing freely to the questions you asked, which were very thought-provoking…"

"I like the way the program was led, its content, the openness of the participants and their wish to share…"

"Really good use of different techniques, poetry, writing, breakout groups, frontal speaking, short lecture, even the rituals at the beginning and setting the ground rules. Really Ronnie, I think it was fantastic."

* Timing and Feeling

"Usually I don’t have a chance to think about spiritual things. Also I try not to think about sage-ing and it was a topic I wanted to avoid because I didn’t want to think about getting older and death. But this became a very good inspiration and to think about aging is not so bad…"

"Ronnie, your invitation came right in time when I needed something to pull me out of a difficulty reality and remind that there’s a way to rise about it and go one’s own path no matter where we are…"

"This was a journey that came just at the right timing for me, as I was starting to contemplate on my own many of the questions and challenges that older age brings…"


"Dear Ronnie,

Thank you for a wonderful, deep and meaningful “Sageing” workshop.

This was a journey that came just at the right timing for me, as I was starting to contemplate on my own many of the questions and challenges that older age brings…

You created a safe place for us all to do a deep soul searching about the many aspects of the aging journey, and share the many insights with our fellow travelers in an authentic, respectful and touching way…It was amazing to discover that people from all over the world share the same longings and challenges, and that short encounters over the internet can lead to such heartfelt connections.

Thank you Ronnie for your skillful, compassionate, focused and insightful way of leading this workshop, sharing your world and life stories with us, bringing much inspiration from the many wisdom traditions of the world, and leading us to welcome the next phase of our life with curiosity, joy and serenity.

Looking forward to the next part of the course, which will, without any doubt, be as enriching as the previous one.

With much gratitude,

Judith Achi Dror, M.D., Psychotherapist, Kfar Saba, Israel"


Registration is open and space is limited…For details and registration- please contact Ronnie: rjd361959@gmail.com

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