Introductory Lectures & Workshops


- Introductory Lectures -

The World Belongs  to the Young? Says Who?

We have all grown up and internalized the huge, discriminatory, and misguided paradigm of aging that our productive lives usually end by the time we get to retirement age. After that, we just need to find a way to "keep busy" and do our best to endure the deterioration of our lives in later life. The Sage-ing® approach emerged to create the new paradigm of aging towards the end of the 20th century in the United States, leading the way for  "conscious aging," a movement that sees aging as an exciting and essential process to help human beings harvest the wisdom of their lives and experiences,  for their own benefit, their immediate circles and for society at large. This worldview maintains that older adults play a very important role in imparting insights, guidance, and wisdom to the younger generation. This lively introductory lecture confronts us with the stereotypes that are deeply embedded in us.

With the help of some group exercises, the participants learn to don "new eye-glasses" to be able to see what they may not have seen earlier:  that aging can lead us to one of the most positive experiences in our lives!​

This lecture can be expanded into a dynamic, energetic, and interactive workshop of 4-6  meetings of 2-3 hours,  in which participants observe and share based on the following topics:

          What does the word "elderly" mean to you? How does it influence the way you go about your life?

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          What are the main stories that have shaped your life in the past?

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          Time management: What is important, different, and new in anaging your time during this period of life?

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          The Vision: What is the purpose of "vision" at this stage of life? How do we form a compelling vision for the second half of life?

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          Dreams: Which of your dreams do you choose to realize in your life today and going forward?

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          Legacy: What is the legacy that you wish to leave behind on this earth?

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(Suitable for small or large groups)


- Life Review Workshop -

Reflecting Back, Visioning Forward

Have you ever taken the time to stop and "review your life"? 

That is, using a framework in which you can break down the periods of your life chronologically and have a "look from above," so you can see things from a different perspective. If you have never done so, this is a powerful way to get a new view of where you have been, looking to where you want to go!

In this empowering exercise for people in the second half of their lives. You will be given a technique by which to "map out" your life as it has come and gone, and, along with other group members, you will be able to create insight, wisdom, and motivation in working towards future goals, vision, and life choices. (Suitable for individualized work, large and small groups)