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Second-Generation Holocaust Survivors and the Hamas Massacres

These are exceedingly difficult times. It goes far beyond the headlines in the news, far deeper than what meets the eye. Since my last newsletter the world has turned upside down...

There have been things to tell about, experiences to reflect on, insights to share. But all that somehow feels far away, as we deal with the situation and war going on here in Gaza and Israel.

I would like to share with the readers of this newsletter a video clip of less than 3.5 minutes that I have been working on with a professional video editor who graciously volunteered her time. In this time of overbearing stress I think the video clip is more than enough for now. It tells an essential story that I wish to share at this point of time.

Looking forward to connecting again in quieter, more peaceful and more optimistic times. I am sure they will get here...eventually!

Carrying our Parents’ Legacy: Second-Generation Holocaust Survivors and the Hamas Massacres

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