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My approach to cultivating meaning and wisdom in life as we age is to do so through a prism of three modalities which are close to my heart, always in the spirit of curiosity, questioning, exploration, teamwork and co-creation. We are forever partners in helping us understand for you, in the words of Viktor Frankl, “Instead of asking, “What is the meaning of my life?,” we need to ask: “What is life asking of me?”

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חץ תחתון.png
חץ תחתון.png

Sage-ing is an empowering philosophy and mindset which liberates us from the de-moralizing belief that aging is all about decline, marginalization and the “phasing out of life”. It encourages us to see the spiritual opportunities that aging enables us to harvest the wisdom of our years, mentor others, leave a legacy and deepen our spiritual path.

Logotherapy is an existential therapeutic approach and philosophy that sees human beings as being primarily motivated in life by the search and pursuit of meaning. It is about strengthening the deepest core and value of our humanity, to choose our attitude in any situation and to access the defiant power of our human spirit whenever and however we will require it.  It is about hope and love.

Life coaching is a powerful model that enables us to believe in our passions, dreams and human potential. It is about helping us see that change is possible and how to bring about that change: through overcoming our limiting beliefs, seeing “outside the box”, setting our goals, plans, accountability and vision to “make it happen”.

I find the metaphor of the “car” as shedding light on the value of this integrated approach in our Second Half:


The physical body of the car is “sage-ing”, it is what we see and observe as well as the vehicle in which we live our lives (including our spiritual lives).


Logotherapy is the logos, meaning, it is the motivation at the core, it is the engine of the car.


Coaching is about the driver. It empowers the driver to move the car into purposeful motion.


My Approach

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