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What's on my mind from: thoughts during wartime, A-Z

Since October 7th I have noticed that my thoughts and feeling often do not want to move into full sentences. So I decided to open the alphabet and see what came out strongest. An interesting experiment in "what's on my mind"...


A.  Amazing volunteering helping each other, heroism and self-

sacrifice all over

B.  Barbaric attacks of Hamas beyond all belief

C.  Civilians are being killed in great numbers

D.  Defense of my doctorate is a great disappointment

E.   Endless…the time hostages are not released, painful

F.   Fear can be found all over the place…Friends- you learn who

they really are

G.  Goodness can be found, Guns become too commonplace

H.   Hostages- my God!, Hamas, Hezbollah

I.     I want to give of myself more…Initiative is the only way

J.    Jews, Jewish-nis and anti-semitisim

K.   Knowing- knowing that we don’t know…knowing that we must


L.    Loneliness…Logotherapy has given much value to me and


M. Mourning- feeling mourning all the time. Murder, monsters,

meaning-searching for.

N.  Never could I have believed this could happen…Never again-

can we say that?

O.  Opportunity lies in the greatest of crisis

P.  Peace, Palestinians, Partners- who are our partners really?

Q.  Quiet time, amidst the waves of worry, anger, fear,

determination, longing.

R.   Rockets fall, responsibility- who is taking it?

S.   Soldiers protect and give us life, soldiers give up theirs, safe

rooms that proved not to be safe.

T.   Tunnels- cruel beyond belief, the same for trauma.

U.  United States, university, understanding- who understands us and what do we understand?

V.   Victims, victory, Viktor Frankl 

W.  War is a terrible thing, Welfare is what we need.

X.   X marks the spot- what do we want to mark?

Y.   Yearning for a better life, peace, hope and a new vision.

Z.   Zionism to me has humanism at its core but not at the expense of existence.


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