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Online Event: “Israeli and Australian Children of Holocaust Survivors (‘Second Generation’)- Similar AND Different.”




Sunday, March 31, 2024,

19:30 in Melbourne/Sydney, 18:30 Brisbane

11:30 in Israel

Duration: Two hours, on Zoom

The event is free of charge, open to second generation (“2G”) only at this point,

prior registration is requested directly with me: Ronnie Dunetz,

Ronnie Dunetz, PhD, Wisdom Studies



During my doctoral dissertation research, ("Reflections of children of Holocaust survivors in their second half of life on their life experience"), I was very intrigued by the idea that we, children of one or two parents who were survivors of the Holocaust, grew up with some very common similarities BUT also some significant differences. I am personally most interested in creating different kinds of discussion between 2G at this time of life (and perhaps 3G at a later time), all around the world, based on the findings and insights of my dissertation as a platform and "taking it from there”.


Not many people in Israel are aware of the fact that about 50% of the Jewish community in Australia are Holocaust survivors and their descendants, or those who lost family members in the Holocaust. Australian Jewry is comprised of the highest percentage of Holocaust survivors and descendants amongst it than any other Jewish community in the world. Israel is the country in which the largest number of Holocaust survivors immigrated to after the war. With this in mind, reflecting on our lives as 2G today when we are all in the “second half of life”  promises to be both interesting and rewarding!


The event will be comprised of two parts:

In the first hour I will present my insights, thoughts and questions that arose from my qualitative doctoral research study which involved 41 second generation individuals who grew up in 11 different countries. I will discuss the major questions of my interviews: In looking back, how has being a 2G impacted, influenced and guided your life? How do the events and stories of your survivor parents inform your values and legacy to pass on to future generations?

In the second hour we will share our thoughts, reactions and feelings in breakout rooms that will include both Israeli and Australian participants. The event will be conducted in English, Hebrew speakers are warmly invited as well, no need for “native English”, we are all here to lend a hand to help communication happen…


Participation is my email registration only, register early to save your place :


For abstract of my dissertation, please press here:


Ronnie Dunetz, PhD

Recently, at age 64, Ronnie received his Doctorate of Philosophy in Wisdom Studies, a culmination of years of interest and exploration in his life, informed by the story of his father, Mordechai Dunetz, who survived the massacres, labor camp and Partisans in Belarus during the Shoah.

Ronnie was born and raised in the US, lived for 5 formative years in East Asia in his twenties where he trained in Asian martial arts and philosophies, and has made Israel his home for over the last 3 decades. He has been a senior-level life and career coach, group and workshop facilitator for more than 20 years, a trained storyteller of life stories, with a specialization in the area of “harvesting one’s wisdom in the second half of life”. for Meaning. Ronnie tries to keep with him what his late father taught him at all times: “Life is precious, we must do the best with it.” His website is :

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