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“Harvesting your Wisdom” (HYW): Join a wonderful group meeting on Zoom since
Nov. 2020!


Are you finding you have the need for meaningful conversations about life, in a safe space, but just don’t seem to have the opportunity and people for this to happen?


Do you crave exploring and sharing insights on some of the “deeper questions” in life, all the more so in your Second Half?


Throughout the nearly two decades in which I have been a life coach and facilitator, I have noticed that people are looking for just this kind of thing, and it is not easy to find. I began the “Harvesting Your Wisdom” series when most of us were in and out of lockdown and social distancing- I have continued this group because the energy, depth, interpersonal connection and value have been so remarkable.


Every month we have a new series, with new, creative topics and new perspectives and insights. All sessions include: open- ended dyad conversations in separate “Zoom rooms”, journaling, carefully-chosen short video clips, interesting and relevant content, reflections, insights and, authentic sharing. It is amazing how fast 2.5 hours flies by!


Every series is comprised of four sessions of 2.5 hours each, on consecutive Wednesdays, 12:00- 2:30 PM EST (19:00- 21:30 in Israel). We have kept the group small (under 10 people), from 5 different countries, from the US to Australia.

For details and registration:  Ronnie


Since the outset we have discussed and explored more than 50 topics! The following is just a select number of topics that we have explored in this unique and extraordinary group:

🠲 Why do we need more: self-compassion, gratitude, optimism?

🠲 Who was the person who influenced us most in life? How?

🠲 How to understand, accept and embrace change in our Second Half?

🠲 What is our Old story/New story

🠲 The negativity bias: how does it affect how we think and behave?

🠲 Are we leaving a legacy? How?

🠲 Our mortality: can we engage with it with wisdom?

🠲 Our bucket-list: dreams, vision and plans- in our Second Half

🠲 Rrelationships with adult children; what happens with sibling relationships as we age?

🠲 Humor and aging: what we may not know and should know!

🠲 Family, friends, and changes in our Second Half

🠲 Our best decisions and worst decisions; our severe and kind teachers in our lives

🠲 Where and how do we find meaning in our lives?

🠲 Shame and guilt: are they manipulating us?

🠲 Loneliness, Grit, and dealing with adversity: how do they manifest in our lives as we age?

🠲 Many more!

Recommendations of Participants:

I very much appreciate YOU and the dedication and topics you are bringing to our group. You are inspiring me to inspire others, and I want you to know and feel that this ripple effect is occurring- thank-you!

(Janet Helfand, US)

This group has been so meaningful and important for me- I have been a psychotherapist for so many years, but I myself did not have the time, place and people to really share with, and gain insights from different kinds of people and cultures. Ronnie, I am with you, will walk through the desert with you!

(Amos Tefla, Israel)

When news of my son's terminal illness came, I knew I needed help to understand how to cope and how to be there for him. I found Ronnie and this group that has helped so much.Sharing, listening, learning with caring people guided by Ronnie's insight has been a life- line experience one I treasure and look forward to each week. I am so grateful for this opportunity.

Fran Baer (US)

Ronnie Dunetz is a superb workshop convener, an expert group discussion facilitator. I am impressed with the topics he chooses and the variety of videos, TED talks and songs he selects to enrich the subject matter. I learn more about myself and my fellow travelers. That’s what it’s all about.

Julie M. (US)

Through the miracle of zoom, complete strangers have become friends. With Ronnie's expert guidance, we open our hearts to one another sharing the joys and sorrows of our journey to adulthood in later life. An experience I treasure.

S.R. (US)

Attending Ronnie’s workshops has profoundly supported me in discovering more about my life’s journey, my experiences and life lessons, who I am today as an older person, what I am passionate about now, and how I can bring greater meaning and vitality into my living.

R.C. (US)

Please know I am loving the sessions. What a fabulous facilitator you are! You make everyone feel so comfortable and free to speak openly. Thank you so much for sharing your talents.

(Carol Roberts, US)

Every week I anxiously await the group meeting: to meet friends from all over the world, to learn from each other, to share our stories and to feel that I am not alone.

(Irit Kapiliuk, Israel)

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