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Meaning in the Second Half of Life (MSH)


The MSH groups are a special experience in which each participant gains the support, inspiration and teamwork of others to explore and develop areas of meaning in their own lives. I employ a method of group facilitation work that I have developed over the last two decades, known as the “mastermind concept”: i.e., the “wisdom of the group” is leveraged for the benefit of every individual. The groups are run on the values of: mutual respect, confidentiality, mutual curiosity, positive regard and creative brainstorming for life!


All sessions include theoretical concepts that are viable for the Second Half of Life as well as a diversity of experiential exercises: reflections, dyad discussions, journaling, among others. Groups run for 8-10 sessions of 2-3 hours each (flexible), following which they may stay together in one of the various continuation formats available.


Topics explored in the group sessions include:

🠲 Stereotypes and Images of Aging- Identities in our Second Half

🠲 (Meaning in Life – Different Aspects of Meaning and Their Importance)

🠲 “Sage-ing”: how to see this stage of life as an opportunity for personal and spiritual development? What is meant by “Harvesting the wisdom of our lives”?

🠲 The Wheel of Meaning: What really matters to us?

🠲 Changes: how to deal with transitions in our lives. The concept of resilience in our Second Half.

🠲 Family and friends:  how to deal with relationships in our closest circles?

🠲 Self-care: how to maintain health and well-being (body, mind, and spirit), at this stage of life.

🠲 Meaning expressed through work, volunteering and service

🠲 Hobbies, Interests and Learning- never stop learning!

🠲 Engaging with difficult subjects: decline, illness and death.

🠲 Creating Community: the need to be part of something larger

🠲 Our “Being” in our Second half: reflecting and building legacy

🠲 Our “Doing” in our Second half: setting meaningful goals and plans

🠲 How to wake up in the morning and “seize the day”- in our Second Half of Life?

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