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Harvesting Your Wisdom Series 7! Insights on: humor, support, sibling relationships and authenticity

Beginning September 5, 2021-registration open and limited!

Ronnie Dunetz

Senior life coach, Certified Sage-ing Leader, Founder

The "Harvesting your Wisdom" series is now moving into its SEVENTH round, growing wider and deeper each time! We have a remarkable international group with us, primarily from the US and Israel, some from our earliest days in November 2020, others are new participants. All are warmly welcomed to come to join our authentic, sensitive, and open group of people who believe that personal and spiritual growth in our wisdom years is not only a "good idea" but a SUPERB OPPORTUNITY!

The September series will take place on different days of each week, due to scheduling limitations of the Jewish holidays. Registration is open until the second meeting of the series. For details and registration please contact me directly at Thank-you!

For Whom?

This "Harvesting your Wisdom" is a series that is geared both to people who have already experienced the power of Sage-ing as a "looking within/reflecting" process in cultivating our wisdom with our years, as well as for people who are new to "Sage-ing" who wish to embark on a journey to grow in wisdom and discover new possibilities for our wisdom with aging years. New participants are invited to initiate communication with me to explore their interests and

suitability for this program.


During this series we will meet for 4 sessions of 2.5 hours on topics which will call out your insight, motivation and inspiration at seeing the opportunities that present themselves at this time of our lives. Please see below. Registration is for the entire series only.

Dates: September 5, 14, 19, 29- 2021.


The philosophy behind this continuation program is that open, reflective, profound, sensitive, respectful and transformative conversation- in addition to professional facilitation, planning and tools- is what REALLY helps us all make a difference in our lives!

Sunday, September 5, 2021,12:oo noon-2:30 PM, EST; 09:00-11:30 PST: 19:00-21:30, Israel time (UTC/GMT +2 hours).

Using humor in our Wisdom Years: am I taking myself too seriously?

Tuesday, Sep. 14, 2021, 12:oo noon-2:30 PM, EST; 09:00-11:30 PST: 19:00-21:30, Israel time (UTC/GMT +2 hours):

Support and Relationship as we age:

"Do not reject me in my old age. Do not forsake me when my strength fails." (Psalms 71:9)- a prayer said repeatedly during the Jewish High Holidays coming do you relate to this verse?

Sunday, Sep, 19, 2021, 12:oo noon-2:30 PM, EST; 09:00-11:30 PST: 19:00-21:30, Israel time (UTC/GMT +2 hours):

Sibling Relationships: a life's journey- in many ways and forms.

Wednesday, Sep. 29, 2021, 12:oo noon-2:30 PM, EST; 09:00-11:30 PST: 19:00-21:30, Israel time (UTC/GMT +2 hours):

Authenticity in our Wisdom Years: What does it mean to be authentically myself? When am I authentic and when am I not?

Group Size

The program will open with a minimum registration of 8 participants, the maximum will be 20. Please register soon to save your place!

Registration is open and space is limited. For details and registration- please contact Ronnie: