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"Reflecting Back and Looking Forward"- Presentation on my Doctoral Dissertation on Second Generation to the general public: on zoom, free of charge, by registration

Looking forward to this first presentation of my doctoral research and more as part of "The Together Plan" event- exciting for me...and challenging to figure out what to take from 3 years of work into 45 minutes + 2 short videos... On Tuesday, March 19th, 3:00 PM EST in the US, 7:00 PM London, 9:00 PM Israel, 10:00 PM Belarus.

I am grateful to " The Together Plan" organization for inviting me and look forward to sharing what has been a dominant and stimulating theme in my life over the past few years with many others who will very likely "find themselves"- at least in part- in much of what I plan to present. I hope those who will attend will find the event thought-provoking, reflective, moving and helpful in their own lives and families...

Registration is free and at this link of "The Together Plan":

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