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Personal Coaching: for Meaning and Wisdom
in our Second Half of Life


Since the end of 2003, I have had the privilege of coaching hundreds of individuals from all walks of life in helping them choose, advance and change careers, start and develop businesses and navigate their paths in life. This experience - amounting to over 6000 hours of personal coaching – has been my great passion and has taught me one invaluable learning: that we all live and thrive much better when we have someone supporting us.  This is all the more so in our “Second Half”, when meaning and wisdom are at our center.


I am pleased to offer a number of flexible and short-term coaching frameworks, to be tailored to what you feel calls out to you and what you believe would create the most impact for you:

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“Fine-Tuning the Compass” (1-2 sessions): for those approaching retirement, or already living as such; for those who seek to clarify direction and are looking for that gentle “push” in the right direction at this time.

“Coaching for Key Question/Dilemma” (1-4 sessions): for those who seek a sounding board, mirror or brainstorm to “hear ourselves” to appreciate our wisdom and the meaning we are grappling with.

“Life Story Interview” (1-2 sessions): for those of you who might be attracted to a fascinating, fun and unique way to be interviewed about your life, a way to appreciate those key moments of meaning that will forever be part of your unique life story!

“Partnership on the Path” (4 sessions each series, extended as long as you wish): for those who resonate with the idea of having an experienced, caring life coach by their side- as a partner on the path with no pre-determined deadlines. This option that can make a huge difference for those of us who flourish best in a long-term partnership.

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