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New! Harvesting Your Wisdom- Series IV: Family, Friendship, Lifetime Learning, Growing with Change

Beginning May 5, 2021-registration open!


Beginning March 3, 2021- registration open!

Ronnie Dunetz

Senior life coach, facilitator, Certified Sage-ing Leader Intern

Further to the first three "Harvesting your Wisdom" series which have been remarkably rich, energetic and profound, I am pleased to announce a new series with additional fascinating and inspiring topics for all of us who are committed to personal and spiritual development in our "Wisdom Years", in the second half of life! Registration is open and space is limited. For details and registration:

The feedback from the first three series has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic and positive, a wonderful core of continuing participants has emerged along with newcomers being welcomed in all the time... please read below what participants have been sharing about the past "Harvesting Your Wisdom" series. I am pleased to be offering new topics and opportunities to "continue the magic" together with you!

For Whom?

This "Harvesting Wisdom" is a series that is geared both to people who have already experienced the power of Sage-ing as a "looking within/reflecting" process in cultivating our wisdom with our years, as well as for people who are new to "Sage-ing" who wish to embark on a journey to grow in wisdom and discover new possibilities for our wisdom with aging years. Welcome!


We will meet for 4 sessions of 2.5 hours on topics which will call out your insight, motivation and inspiration at seeing the opportunities that present themselves at this time of our lives. All the more needed at this difficult pandemic time, which has affected us all over the world. Workshop meeting dates: (Please note the times as well as your local time).

Wednesday, May 5, 19:00-21:30, Israel time (UTC/GMT +2 hours)- (12:oo noon-2:30 PM, EST; 09:00-11:30 PST):

"Family: how are we meeting the challenges/ opportunities of our family connections during our Wisdom Years?"

- Relationships with children, grandchildren, siblings, aging parents

- How are we dealing with distance, conflicting requests, expectations and needs?

- Do our family relationships change over time?

-What are some key principles that guide how we are with our family members at this time of life?

Wednesday, May 12, 19:00-21:30, Israel time (UTC/GMT +2 hours)- (12:oo noon-2:30 PM, EST; 09:00-11:30 PST):

"Friendships: how are we maintaining, creating and appreciating our friendships during our Wisdom Years?"

"Friendships become increasingly important to one's happiness and health across the lifespan. In older adults, friendships are a stronger predictor of health and happiness than relationships with family members." (Prof. William Chopik, professor of psychology, Michigan State University, principal researcher studies involving 280,000 people.)

- How do we see our friendships at this time of life? Have our expectations and circles of friends changed over the past few years?

- Have we kept up with old friends? Made new friends? Are we missing some "good friends", and if so, what have we done about this?

-As we age in life we tend to lose contact with friends from the past...are we nurturing and being nurtured sufficiently by our friends at this time?

- “Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.”

Woodrow T. Wilson

Wednesday, May 19, 19:00-21:30, Israel time (UTC/GMT +2 hours)- (12:oo noon-2:30 PM, EST; 09:00-11:30 PST):

"Lifetime Learning: deepening our personal and spiritual growth in our Wisdom Years."

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever"- Mahatma Gandhi.

- Human beings are "learning creatures", we learn as we live and live as we learn. New studies in brain plasticity tell us that people at all ages can maintain

the ability to learn, internalize, and grow their capacity as they age. The

ability to change our "brain wiring" is a revolutionary gift that we can use

to empower the quality of our later lives...are we satisfied at how we are doing this at this time? How are we using and leveraging this capacity?

- How are we learning and developing the "deeper" parts of ourselves? How are we committing ourselves to the "inner growth" of "becoming" during our Wisdom Years?

- Are we challenging ourselves outside of "the spiritual comfort zone", to uncover new truths about ourselves, our insights, as we harvest our wisdom of life?

-What's on our personal agenda to learn deeply and meaningfully at this time of our life?

Wednesday, May 26, 19:00-21:30, Israel time (UTC/GMT +2 hours)- (12:oo noon-2:30 PM, EST; 09:00-11:30 PST:

"Learning to leverage change in our lives during our Wisdom Years."

Change is inevitable: how do we leverage those changes to continue to "grow ourselves", our wisdom and "aliveness" during our Wisdom Years?

- “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”(John C. Maxwell). Are we aware of the difference between the two for ourselves?

- How are we maintaining our flexibility and resilience in the faces of inevitable changes in our Wisdom Years?

- Do we have a "change strategy" for this time of life as we move forward?

- Tips, insights and tools for "riding the waves of change" as great surfers of life! What is in YOUR "change plan", as you smile and look towards tomorrow?

Group Size

The program will open with a minimum registration of 8 participants, maximum will be 20. Please register soon to save your place!


Registration is open and space is limited…For details and registration- please contact Ronnie:


What participants in Ronnie's Harvesting Your Wisdom workshops have been saying?

"Ronnie's workshops are a dear gift for me, I am "hooked!" I have met and shared with so many wonderful people from all over the world, they have become like trusted friends. Ronnie is a very professional and sensitive facilitator, conducting the "orchestra" such that everybody is actively participating and sharing from their vast experience in life. I can't wait for the next series!" (Shoshana, Israel)

"Your workshops give me inspiration for the conscious aging classes that I myself run for others. I very much appreciate YOU and the dedication and topics you are bringing to our group. You are inspiring me to inspire others, and I want you to know and feel that this ripple effect is occurring- thank-you- put me down for your next series!" (Janet, US)

" Dear Ronnie, I’m so thankful for all the new opportunities that have come to me just having just by joining your workshops! The atmosphere is great, you are a wonderful facilitator and the people are so open, deep and compassionate. And you are a great storyteller too!" (Alda, Germany)

" I want to thank you for the meaningful time full of wisdom and joy with you and our wonderful group during the workshop series I have attended. I feel that you have guided us from one station to another, enriching our souls and teaching how to rule our present and future in order to be happy." (T, Belarus)

"Your workshops have been immensely useful to me to learn to help myself and others to have the right "soul" in the second half of life! You have brought such special people together from all over the world and they have all made such wonderful contributions." (Sundar- India)

"It was a most enjoyable experience to interact via Zoom with so many like-minded souls from so many different cultural backgrounds in so many countries.

There was a great variety of content provided in a variety of formats, all of which were stimulating, enjoyable and thought provoking. I particularly enjoyed the ‘breakout rooms’ and the opportunity to chat ‘one-to-one’ on a specific topic. The series most certainly confirmed for me that ‘Spirit works in mysterious ways her marvels to perform’. (MaryAnne, Ireland)

" Ronnie, last night after the workshop meeting I was so excited I could hardly sleep. You are amazing. You did it. And I am enjoying very much. Thank-you!" (J., Taiwan)

"Thank-you, I feel that through you and your workshop the universe is opening up so many new opportunities for me. You have a very impressive facilitation style- I like it! And I am really enjoying the international group". (S., India)

" Meeting people from around the world, talking about significant events in my life and the meaning they had, all wonderful. Also mulling over what aging is like, my belief systems….I particularly like the use of writing freely to the questions you asked, which were very thought-provoking…Really good use of different techniques, using poetry, writing, breakout groups, frontal speaking, even the rituals at the beginning of the candle and setting the ground rules. Really Ronnie, I think it was fantastic!" (Rachel- Israel)

" You created a safe place for us all to do a deep soul searching about the many aspects of the ageing journey, and share the many insights with our fellow travelers in an authentic, respectful and touching way… Thank you Ronnie for your skillful, compassionate, focused and insightful way of leading this workshop, sharing your world and life stories with us, bringing much inspiration from the many wisdom traditions of the world, and leading us to welcome the next phase of our life with curiosity, joy and serenity." (Yehudit, Israel)

" This group has been so meaningful and important for me- I have been a psychotherapist for so many years, but I myself did not have the time, place and people to really share with, and gain insights from different kinds of people and cultures. I so look forward to these sessions. Ronnie, I am with you, will walk through the desert with you!" (A., Israel)

"Ronnie, No need to ask me if I am interested. Like A., I will walk through the desert with you. You are an excellent and persuasive educator." (Susan- US)

"I was a little shy about joining your workshop. I’m so profoundly grateful that I didn’t let that get in my way. I enjoyed every minute, adored the participants, and experienced personal growth. You were born to to this. Please count me in for the next round in May. Warmly, Sher

"I really enjoyed the workshop and I would LOVE to join you again in May (T., Israel)

"Please keep me informed on what’s coming up. You are a fine teacher and, I am enjoying learning from you", (E., USA)


These workshops are being offered under a "Dana" framework.

You may or may not be familiar with this concept which comes from the Asian Buddhist tradition and has been integrated in many places in the West. Dana is an ancient Pali word that means generosity of heart, or the process of cultivating generosity or giving. In "Dana", no set price is asked for, and participants are asked to give from their hearts, according to their ability and desire. This was the way Asian monasteries and monks were supported, the "exchange" being that of mutual reciprocity and gift-giving, so much a part of Asian culture. In the West, this concept is still not fully understood by all but the general spirit is something I think we can all identify with.

Oftentimes people are uncomfortable because they do not have any frame of reference for this. Thus, I would add that if I were to offer these programs on the free market, I would offer the series of 4 workshops for a price of $100- 200. Please use this just as a reference, your payment in the spirit of Dana will be what you decide it will be and whatever you will offer will be heartfully appreciated.

Since we have no "virtual" "Dana Bowl", payment will need to be by Paypal or by Bit/bank transfer in Israel- details upon registration- thank-you!

Registration is open and space is limited…For details and registration- please contact Ronnie:

Ronnie's website


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