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January 11, 2023: “Visitor’s Day”- join us at NO COST!

The “Harvesting your Wisdom” group, on Zoom, facilitated by Ronnie Dunetz, invites you to “Visitor’s Day”, join as at NO COST for one of our inspiring, creative and stimulating meetings on Wed., January 11, 2023, from 12:00- 2:30 PM, EST! 



** Experience a group of wise, sensitive and open individuals from various countries around the world, who have been meeting regularly for more than two years, to explore profound topics, expand their knowledge, share their insights and provide conversation and support around growing wiser as we age (ages of our participants range from 50-150!- it is the quality of the person not the quantity in the calendar that counts...).

You are invited to take full part in experiencing the magic of coming together in challenging ourselves, in an emotionally secure, confidential and intellectually stimulating environment.
The topic of the meeting will be: “I Remember the moment when…”
**By inviting each and everyone of us “into ourselves” and our past, we create and connect a valuable, reflective experience to very specific moments which were inherently full of meaning in our lives. The discussion and insight around these questions empower us to harness the wisdom of our lives in a very focused and inspiring way.
At this meeting we will engage in journaling, followed by dyads in Zoom room and group harvesting around three reflective questions:
1.     I remember a moment when I realized I was very powerful…
2.     I remember a moment when I was very low in my life and then…                what did it lead to?
3.     I remember a moment which I will never forget- it impacted me                greatly… 
The program will include:
·        Introduction of participants, short meditation and introductory                   exercise or reading
·        Brief content presentation
·        Authentic and honest conversation in dyads in a “Zoom room”
·        Group discussion to cultivate questions and insights and harvest             our collective wisdom!
·        Journaling time to collect thoughts and feelings
·        Specially chosen short video clips to enhance resonance to the                  topic of the day
·        A place for learning, growing and connecting!

Does this sound enticing and welcoming? It should because this group is FANTASTIC! You are invited to attend, no strings attached, come and experience for yourself first-hand (pre-registration is required, at no cost)- contact Ronnie Dunetz, Act now and reserve your spot!
For background and information on the Harvesting your Wisdom program, as well as testimonials on the program, see this link.

See this blog post on 2 outstanding members of our group who talk about the meaning they derive from Harvesting your Wisdom participation.

Defying the Stupidity of Ageism: How to Harvest your Wisdom over 80

Looking forward to having you with us on Visitor’s Day, Jan. 11th, space is limited ! Contact  Ronnie Dunetz.

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