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Defying the Stupidity of Ageism: How to Harvest your Wisdom over 80

People don’t often acknowledge it, but Western society continues to suffer from rampant and inane ageism. It is perhaps the most condoned form of discrimination there is (as well as discrimination against our “future selves”), it is so ingrained that most of us are not even aware of the stereotypes that prevail, both around and within us.

I have always been angered and taken aback by how our society shamefully “counts people out” because of their age. Most of all, I find it insulting and demeaning that we negate and ignore intelligent, wise, loving and creative people because they have reached an age that WE cruelly consider to be “not relevant”.

It is for this reason that I am so proud and absolutely in love with the Harvesting your Wisdom group that I initiated more than two years ago on Zoom that has been meeting very regularly throughout; people from all over the world, ages 50 and above, who come to gather to explore with introspection, to learn, share and bring forth insights on fascinating, profound, moving and stimulating topics and questions in our lives. Here we don’t stop developing ourselves personally and spiritually because our timeline says we have reached a certain age in the world. On the contrary! Harvesting your Wisdom is a place where experience meets reflection and insight, this is what it is all about. For further information and details