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Registration open for November 2022 series of “Harvesting Your Wisdom” ! (#17)

It is my pleasure to welcome new participants to our phenomenal, international group of “Harvesting Your Wisdom”: a place where we deeply explore, share, support and reflect on those questions that are most meaningful, significant and inspirational for us in the second half of life!

The group has been running for two straight years, online by Zoom: a secure space where we honor and respect our journeys in and through elderhood, dedicating our time and energy to continued personal growth and understanding of what life is all about…

For all information, testimonials and background on the group please see the following link:

Dates and times: Wed., November 2, 9, 16, 30. Times: 12:00-14:30 EST in the US, (19:00-21:30 in Israel)- participants in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa, please check your time zones).

Ages: 50-150!

Requirements: basic use of Zoom, conversational proficiency in English.

Fee: $110-$175, sliding scale. Participants paying a higher fee help subsidize others who may not be able to attend due to economic constraints. The fee is per series, every series is 4 sessions of 2.5 hours.


What’s on the Agenda for November?

November 2: Tell us about a time you felt most alive. What was there in your life that made you feel “most alive”? In our session we will dig deep and explore what “makes us tick” most deeply and meaningfully at this time of life.

November 9: The Sacred Art of Listening: how well are we listening? How deep are we listening? In our session, we will reflect, experience and share what is at the core of “powerful listening” and how to bring that quality to our daily conversations and interactions.

November 16: Tell us about an experience that made you see things differently. What happened to create that powerful shift in perspective? In our session we will explore and share how such “paradigm shifts” occur and how we can maintain them over time.

November 30: Can “having regrets” actually be a positive thing in our lives? According to acclaimed author, Daniel H. Pink in his latest bold and inspiring work, “The Power of Regret”, everybody has regrets, they’re a fundamental part of our lives, if we reckon with them in fresh and imaginative ways we can use our regrets to bring about a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in our lives. Stay tuned for this session to be challenged and inspired!

(No session on November 23rd, due to Thanksgiving holiday in the US.)

Sounds interesting and exciting to check out this opportunity ? Drop me a line to learn more and sign up!

Ronnie Dunetz

Tel/whatsapp: 972-54-6652818,

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